A Mother’s Anxiety: Cyber Bullying

If there’s one thing I truly enjoy, it’s motherhood. I just being a mom to my two kids. I never thought that family life could change me like this. Every second I spend with my kids is precious.

But of course, as a mother, I have my own worries and anxieties about my kids. One of which is cyber bullying. I know my kids are still pretty young to go online. Nonetheless, I am worried because by the time they are able to go online, the internet would be more advanced than it is for us today.

A Frightening Thought

When I was younger, bullying was just something that happened in school. A bunch of cool kids ganging up on an outcast was some kind of a regular thing in school. We all remember Molly Ringwald getting bullied by James Spader in Pretty In Pink but that ended well. My point is, bullying in my days weren’t so alarming. Most of the time, it only took place in school. But it’s different now and I fear for my kids.

With the onset of the internet, bullying has found its way online. Cyber bullying is now one of the scariest things that can happen to a child. The frightening part is that cyber bullying is just so rampant these days.

“More than half of adolescents and teens have been bullied online? So that means the chances are way too high that your teen is either being bullied or doing the bullying.”

Now, that’s a scary thought.

It’s Easier Online

The internet has made a lot of things very convenient for us. Thanks to the internet, we can bank, learn, hire services, and even shop online.

But unfortunately, the internet has also made cyber bullying very easy for the kids.

“It’s easier to type something out and be mean about it …”

For me, this is the downside of the social media. Clearly, the various social networks are easy means for kids to bully other kids online.

What’s A Mom To Do?

It really all boils down to how we can protect our kids from this kind of crime. What can we do to prevent cyber bullying?

“The biggest thing that we need to really focus in on is education, communication. If we educate the kids … there’s security concerns..there’s some other issues too…the big things are making sure that you’re telling your kids, talking to your kids about the dangers of social media …”

I definitely agree that I need to communicate with my kids about the dangers that surround them. Sad to these, the dangers that used to lurk us outside our homes are now in our homes.

“Stranger danger has always been something you teach your kids, But today, you should literally be, as a parent, be involved in making sure that they know that they’re not allowed to accept any connection request that are not known to them … and then communicating and letting them know that they can come to you and be a resource because fifty percent of kids don’t tell their parents that they’re being bullied.”

Hoping For A Better Future Online

Amidst my worry and anxiety about cyber bullying, I am keeping my fingers crossed that it will be better for my kids in a couple of years. With the massive awareness on cyber bullying, hopefully, we will have enough knowledge and tools to protect our kids from this horrifying crime called cyber bullying.

My Thoughts On Sittercity

sittercity-reviews-sittersOne of the concerns about Sittercity is the length of time it usually takes to find a sitter, according to CX Baby parenting site. In my case, it usually takes a couple of days. I must admit that I always take advantage of their four-step screening process, which includes a complete background check of the applicants. As a parent, I think it is wise to run a background check on my top applicants.

The Perils Of Hiring Just Anybody

I had always been used to hiring a sitter right away. I guess, I didn’t have much of choice back then. The first teenager that knocked on my door was hired. I couldn’t really select because I never had a pool applicants to start with. Then the day came when most of the teenagers in our area had to leave for college. So from the lean list of sitters, I ended up with none.

I had to start finding sitters outside our area. This was very scary because there was no way I could ever know more about the applicants. We all know for a fact that interviews aren’t very reliable. For all I know, I could have been interviewing a serial killer.

Aware of all the perils that come with hiring a sitter, I finally decided to give Sittercity a try.

I’m Finally Doing It Right

As much as I want to hire the first available sitter, I have come to realize the urgent need to finally do it right. Sittercity has raised the bar in childcare services. It has established an extensive and safe screening process, that we, parents, can always take advantage of.

Again, I must admit that the screening process does take some time to find the right sitter. But nonetheless, it does give me some peace of mind. Knowing that I’m choosing from a pool of professional child care experts gives me the feeling that I’m doing it right.

This Is What I Have To Say About Sittercity

In my case, I’m very happy to be part of the growing number that trusts Sittercity. Aside from the reliability, I can finally say that my kids are in good hands. Prior to joining the service, I had done a lot of research and found that most of the Sittercity reviews were positive. I really recommend this site to people looking for child care cause it’s a must have resource. To also save money in case you decide to join, I highly recommend that you use a promo code for Sittercity cause savings can really be significant.

I’m Not The Only One That’s Doing It Right

More and parents are turning to Sittercity because of the quality of childcare it provides. Sarah Burke Mullins, a mom of two, relies on her full-time Sittercity nanny. She has had her nanny for three years. She feels very secure in leaving her children at home with the nanny. She knows for sure that her children are getting the love, care, and attention they need. That explains why she has had the same Sittercity nanny for the last three years.

Another full-time working mom by the name of Teresa Zerr relies on an after-school sitter from Sittercity. The after-school sitter makes sure that her kids are fetched in school, brought home, and are well taken care of. She and Sarah Burke Mullins are just two of the many moms that rely on Sittercity.

Hiring Safer Child Care Through Sittercity

sittercity-babysitter-searchAmong the preferred babysitting sites in the industry nowadays is Sittercity. Sittercity is a nationwide service company for babysitting and also senior caregiving. Such a service provider just like Sittercity spares parents time and effort in looking for the right sitter for their child. The particular website is, amazingly, a user-friendly subscription site where one can become a subscriber by simply paying out a reasonable fee so as to have access to the listings of all the nannies. Sittercity doesn’t just offer child care services, they are able to let all their members gain accessibility to their other services like pet sitting and also senior care.

Whenever I look back at the ways parents used to select a babysitter, I tremble. In retrospect, it was clearly implied that a child care provider had to be responsible but there just wasn’t any selection process. Babysitters were usually closely related to a certain somebody with in a circle of friends. Now, of course, we know the nice lady who lives down the street might be concealing a sinister background or that a friend’s sister might dangerously be living with a suspected child abuser.

I’m thankful parents can do affordable background and reference reviews nowadays. Sittercity should have really been around a long time ago. I am happy they’re finally available to really help keep kids safe.

My sister decided to use Sittercity after going through some very informative feedback and reviews on Sittercity. My sister’s son was not the kind of kid who was fun to care for. He was a naughty and curious kid. Given that fact, My sister was able to find a great sitter through Sittercity. She had the sheer patience as well as good skills to really take care of my nephew.

According to parenting site iParenting Life, there is no need to get worried if you are not the techie person. Sittercity is a very user-friendly site which allows you to access profiles of sitters right within your area. You can easily filter sitters based on your requirements and criteria.

Parents deserve to have every possible tool at their fingertips most specially when they are trying to search for someone to care for their kids. It’s a well-known fact that it’s unsafe to carelessly run an ad for a sitter in the newspapers or even on bulletin boards. Unfortunately, it sends out a signal to people that you are not very careful. Any one can just answer the ad post and give fake character references as well as work experience documentation. In case an applicant has got a shady history, how would you know? Sittercity provides you with all the tools you really need to carry out an extensive background at with just the click of a few buttons.

With Sittercity, all you have to really try and do is post all the details online. This easily allows the best babysitters to quickly apply for the job request. Amazingly, you can get numerous replies within twenty four hours of placing your ad. Soon after this, you can create your own short list and, most importantly, check out their profiles. This way, you can easily check out their work qualifications as well as their background.

You can try Sittercity or get started with using it with this Sittercity PROMO CODE from iParentingLife, which makes the service way more affordable. The service is really a great resource for parents who need childcare.

A Babysitter’s Point Of View

babysitter-first-aidSince I was 14 years old, my neighbors would ask my mom if I could babysit their young children. At 14 years old, I could handle them pretty well. The parents were even so impressed with me because I could even help their children with their homework.

As the years went on, I would still babysit to have extra income. Since I had gotten so used to watching young children whose ages ranged from seven to nine years old, I would offer my care services to that certain age group.

To make my babysitting skills more desirable, I attended a First Aid seminar where I learned how to administer Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and the Heimlich Maneuver. To this day, I always make sure that my knowledge in First Aid is updated. Hence, I regularly attend seminars to make me a current certified First Aider.

With my current First Aider license, it is not hard for me to find a babysitting job. It is my selling point, to be quite honest.

Parents find the information very helpful. I can say that I am usually hired because of my special skill as a First Aider.

Suffice it to say, I can ask a specific rate since I have some special skills. Parents who want the best for their children do not mind paying more as long as they are guaranteed the best care service. Hence, my rate is never been an issue. Word has gotten around about my reliable service that I do not have a hard time finding work.

I enjoy babysitting that I have decided to make it a full time job. My name is widely known in our community. Parents really seek me out for their children’s care. I have been babysitting long enough to know that parents will spend on their children’s welfare. The only thing that parents want is peace of mind. As a babysitter, I make sure they have that peace of mind.

A Parent’s Nightmare

protecting-childrenAs a mother, I am shaken by all the stories I hear about losing a child. It is a real-life nightmare. Faces of lost kids on milk cartons break my heart and all I can do is hope for their safety.

The news is bombarded by stories of children lost in public places like amusement parks, malls, and airports. Some stories end tragically. The whole ordeal of losing a child, up to the point of finding him or otherwise, leaves a profound trauma on both the parents and the child.

There are different reasons why, despite utmost parental care and protection, a child gets lost. As a parent who is aware of the threats of losing a child, I am geared to have a proactive stand on this matter.

In my opinion, the following are my very own proactive steps to avoid such a nightmare:

•  I talked to my daughter about wandering off to strange places. I sat my her down and explained to her how she can get separated from me and her dad in a crowded place. To reinforce this point, I even got her books that teach kids how to stay with their parents at all times. I also told her that in case she gets lost, she needs to approach the uniformed men or women in the mall and introduce herself.

•  I made an ID card for her. This is something she has to carry at all times. My daughter always carries with her an ID card with my contact number. The card is in her pocket or sometimes pinned discreetly on her dress. At home, I have a recent picture of my daughter all the time so that I can always update her photo on her ID card.

•  I always make sure to communicate with my daughter. We always talk about how we can stay together every time we are out in the mall or park.

•  We only go out when a need arises. My daughter and I try to enjoy the time together at home. If we really do not need to buy anything, we stay home.

Losing a child is every parent’s nightmare This is why I am taking the extra precautions to avoid such horrible incident.